About Us

PoshGosh. Two designers joining together to form one name. Between them they have experience in various forms of design, from children’s games, packaging, websites, banners, magazines, booklets, business cards, and, of course, cover art. They have supplied covers to various publishing companies for…uh…yeah, a long time.

“How long has it been now, Arigo?”

“Dunno, Oddsocks. Five years? Six?”

 As individuals they’ve created some beautiful covers and will still work alone for the most part but sometimes as a team. Offering input to the other is a great idea when two best friends decide to do this, but Arigo is a font freak and doesn’t like some that Oddsocks uses. Oddsocks either takes Arigo’s advice on board or ignores it—depends what mood she’s in. Arigo then rolls his eyes and wonders why he bothered trying to help in the first place. Besides, Oddsocks uses lovely fonts.

Don’t let their small differences put you off. It’s all in jest.

Arigo has been a graphic designer for too many years to mention. He has a keen eye for detail and is known to resemble a dying swan when a cover doesn’t go his way. Oddsocks, on the other hand, swears at the monitor a lot, talks to the images as though they were real, and fists her hair. Quite an image, huh? Again, don’t let their foibles make you run away—their strange behaviour isn’t catching.

Oddsocks can’t draw freehand. Well, she can, but is limited to stick figures and extremely crappy artwork that even a three year old could best. Arigo…sigh…he can draw, paint—

“Hey!” says Oddsocks. “I can paint.”

“We’re talking on canvas here, Oddsocks. With oils, watercolours. You know, painting. Home decorating doesn’t count.”

Oddsocks likes glaring at Arigo when he isn’t looking.

Arigo likes pretending he can’t see her.

All in all, PoshGosh! strive to create the author’s dream cover. Most of the time they do, but sometimes—meh!—it doesn’t work, but hey, what one can’t create the other can.

"We don't sound very convincing, do we, Oddsocks?"

"Hmm, maybe not, but the proof is in the pudding, so they say. Not that I'd know that. I mean, I don't eat pudding."


"D'you like having a best friend?"


"I'd advise you to shut up then!"


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